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  • Write positive Yelp reviews in support of your favorite local businesses. Restaurants, retailers, hair salons, watering hole, dentist, etc. Give them some love!

  • Buy gift cards to share and use. Many restaurants still have take out options and Clement Street retailers have shipping options. Continue to SHOP LOCAL!

  • Send emails of support to your local merchants. A nice shout out feels good for everyone.

  • Check in with neighbors via phone/email/text to see if they need anything.

  • Take an online music, coding, yoga class provided by a local merchant (Exploring Music or The Coder School)

  • Make a donation to a local community organization. Fundraising season has been hit hard with many postponements and cancellations. But these organizations still need the support. 

  • The Clement Street Merchant Association is raising funds for local businesses already being hit by the Shelter in Place order.  Huge thanks to Rachel from Tonlé who will distribute your support to businesses in need!





And in no way is this list complete, please reach out to send us your positive ideas!

Share with us your awesome idea!

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